Metaverse building studio in Korea on The Sandbox platform

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. The Sandbox empower artists, creators, and players to build the platform they always envisioned, providing the means to unleash your creativity.


FacBros is a metaverse building studio in Korea on The Sandbox platform and we are working closely with The Sandbox Korea. FacBros will create various and creative contents on The Sandbox platform and provide a new metaverse world for all users.

ShonT : He is the largest The Sandbox land holder in Korea, and has been continuously working as an asset & game creator in The Sandbox. He created FacBros team to provide a high level metaverse environment to the world.

JJamB : He is The Sandbox Artist and he has experienced in creating colorful and cool assets. He is true game lover and joined this team to create cool game and to share with others. He created the story and assets of FacBros Title Game, “AfterOcean”.

H.Cho : He loves enjoying games and spends a lot of time with his kids on the metaverse world. Recently, he is giving deep interests on P2E and NFT.

Laeng : He is super specialized in 3D modeling S/W and he won the no.1 price in Korea 3D modeling contest. Now, he is putting his efforts on voxel modeling, and is very interested in making large-scale NFT assets.

AMY : She majored in Western Art and has experienced in social marketing. Recently, she fell in love with metaverse and art-NFT projects.

LAND X:60 Y:12

FacBros owns one of the largest lands, and we will build a new metavers world on the land for everyone.

Now, we are mainly working on two projects. One is After Ocean title game development and another one is IP collaboration.

After Ocean game will provide exciting experiences with P2E rewards.

IP collaboration will provide a new metaverse world with well known characters such as Pororo. Currently, we are participating IP collaboration projects with The Sandbox.

Our projects will be unveiled soon. You can check out our latest development news & events on Medium and social media channels.

FacBros has a lot of interest in the real world environment as well as the metaverse world. We plan to donate certain percent of revenue from the projects.

This is the game teaser video for AfterOcean

Twitter FacBros :

Twitter AfterOcean :

Homepage FacBros :

Homepage AfterOcean :

Medium AfterOcean :

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We are in the process of making a game that runs in the metaverse ecosystem and further developing a new IP

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We are in the process of making a game that runs in the metaverse ecosystem and further developing a new IP

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