1st Facbros Internal Game Contest is revealed!

We are so looking for reveal this project to everyone!
Recently, we made teams by mentors and mentees that pushed to develop fun games. And the results are more than what we expected.

So we share what we made and vote for it.
Vote is loaded on twitter now!

  1. Neon Rush by JJamB&Leon

‘Neon Rush’ is rhythmical jump game that needs agility.
First, jump to avoid ‘Led bar’ and touch the safety area that has same color with Led bars.
In safety area, you can healed and disabled the Led bar.
It’s sound like easy but isn’t it easier than you think?

2. Magic Crown by Shon T&Whibley

Can you handle monster wave like this?
With magical weapons created by Shon T&Whibely, you can!
They make powerful magic weapons that will excite user.
Challenge the stage towards the last weapon that will sweep away the monster wave.

3. Iron Players by Laeng&Amy

Aren’t you really curious about what items will be created when you met Item Enhancer?
‘Iron Players’ are adventure game that will satisfy those needs.
You can excavate and synthesize the items. Parkour is also possible.
Wouldn’t you like to explore this game?

4. Zombie Soccer by H.Cho&Liebe

Zombies always attract gamers.
But have you ever imagined what it would be like to play soccer with zombies?
Well, this game made it happen.
Gamers have to score goals and face to zombies also.
It’s going to be really thrilling, right?

Which of the four games do you like to play the most?
Let us know what you think!

Go to vote!




We are in the process of making a game that runs in the metaverse ecosystem and further developing a new IP

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We are in the process of making a game that runs in the metaverse ecosystem and further developing a new IP

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